Agence France-Presse

Mission and objectives of the project

Re-imagine the AFP platform experience and how AFP end-users (most of them are medias) and AFP teams (journalists, photographs, etc.) will interact and share contents with each others.

Start from a user-centric problematic 

How (as a platform end-user) quickly & easily access relevant contents and services, in a way to facilitate my work, to inform with confidence and to enrich my activity ?

Insights from field observations

A few days spent at the around the AFP headquarters in Paris allowed us to understand how the agency worked. From contributors, such as journalists, photographers or videographers, to end-users (TV, online or even print medias), we followed (passive observations) and interviewed teams of field reporters, teams dedicated to content enhancement and several newsrooms and medias. Those sessions allowed us to detect several insights.Here are a few of them. Clients with different profiles and specificities, but similar needs, such as marks and efficiency in the research of informations and contents. A multitude of different practices and expectations depending on the information objective and user profil. A need for anticipation and information of upcoming events. And more.We used user-journeys to illustrate the eco-system of users and the different actions and functions to built, according to actual pain points. The main insights and those user-journeys, coming from the observation phase, helped us during ideation and creative sessions, to imagine the new platform, through ideal scenarios.
Here are some examples of the features and scenarios we submitted to a panel of end users, to co-create the platform and get feedbacks about the ideas proposed. At this stage, we did not focus on the final look of the platform, but only on specific and isolated functionalities, according to specific situations (find new contents, keep contents for ongoing events, discover random contents and powerful archives, etc).

Concepts, scenarios and screen were presented to end-users (AFP clients) and contents contributors (AFP teams) during some test and learn workshops, to validate the functionalities to develop.

All those users feedbacks and learnings gave us the ability to present recommandations, based on new usages and experiences, for the development of the new AFP platform.
Most of our recommandations are visible on the last AFP platform.

The 2020 version of the AFP platform (june 2020), based on the project recommandations.

AFP is a leading global news agency providing fast, comprehensive and verified coverage of the events and issues shaping our world and affecting our daily lives. Presents across 151 countries, AFP is also is world leader in digital verification. AFP covers the world and its global news in six languages, with a unique quality of multimedia storytelling spanning video, text, photos and graphics.

Project made during my InProcess agency experience. The whole projet is based on a user approach, with observations sessions within the AFP head quarter and at AFP major clients’s (french and international medias), co-creative sessions and user-tests.