La Poste

Mission and objectives of the project

Imagine a new way to send and receive parcels in post offices, using automation. Empower clients in their experience of sending and receiving parcels and packages on their own. Maintain the relations with La Poste staffs through strong and efficient services. Gain space in offices and spare time for staffs, for the benefit of La Poste’s other activities (banking, etc).

Insights from field observations

Most of La Poste offices are crowded by a huge amount of parcels waiting for their owners, creating chaos and a waste of time for staff when come the moment to deliver a parcel.


The development of e-commerce generated growing parcel flows for La Poste, especially during peak times (Christmas, black friday, …). Managing packages (deposits / withdrawals) is time consuming for all (customers, employees, partners) throughout the process.

This time dedicated to package management could be allocated on much more rewarding activities, with benefits for both customers and La Poste employees. We integrated many details from the very beginning of the project, such as usage problematics (facilitate maintenance, postage steps, storage, connectivity, signage or machine interfaces), but also environmental and political problematics (take into consideration all the La Poste teams).

Imagine and test ideal scenarios

We imagined a few scenarios of what could be the perfect user experience, from a client point of view, but also from La Poste teams side, since both of them will use the machine.These scenarios should not be seen as solutions, as an answer to the problem or as final concepts. As a group of added value user experiences, they were a basis for decision phases, a tool to ease co-construction with users and a raw material for co-creation and iterative sessions.

Ideation and prototyping

We develop a functional prototype of the service, through ideation and creative sessions. The prototype is the result of the creative workshops hosting clients and La Poste teams. It was also the perfect way to transform learnings and ideas into a tangible solution that we could test in a real situation, in a post office.


Co-creation sessions and users feedbacks allowed us to validate a scenario. After ideation and iteration, we transformed this winning experience into a functional prototype, in a way to test the service in several post offices, before a larger scale launch. 



La Poste is the main french postal service, with many offices across the country. Beside providing basics postal services, each office is proposing an important range of services such as telecom and banking. 

Project made during my InProcess agency experience. The whole projet is based on a user approach, with observations sessions in post offices, co-creative sessions and user-tests.