My aim is to develop user-centric experiences linked to services, products, spaces and interfaces. Immersed in current trends and usages, I imagine experiences fitting to the world in which we live, by always catering to the users needs.

Be user-centric.

I believe that innovation starts with people. I keep people at the center of my work by always designing solutions for users first.

Explore and anticipate.

I start every project by a phase of observation on the field, to gather a clear understanding on usages, motivations, expectations, pain points, from a user point of view. This phase of macro and micro research allow me to identify user opportunities. I am used to work with ethno – anthropo – sociologists.

Imagine scenarios and experiences.

I design ideal experiences, scenarios and concepts based on insights and opportunities revealed during the observation phase. I lead creative workshops with clients and end-users, exposing ideas and co-creating, in a way to identify high value ingredients and validate concepts.

Build tangible solutions.

From observation, to ideal scenarios and concepts, and by identifying the most strategic value ingredients for the user, I develop solutions, such as services, products, interfaces and spaces. I always deal with users expectations, while keeping in mind the client brief, using tangible and non-tangible prototypes to define the final solution.

I adapt this methodology to each project, according to its context and scope. Each project is an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, by cooperating with engineers, human sciences, makers, craftsmen, … Each subject reveals opportunities to be addressed in tangible (products, spaces), organisational (service) or digital experiences.

Approach and methodology, based on design thinking tools and process, applied during several years of projects and experiences. Starting from investigations and observations, promoting co-creation and iteration (trough prototypes) to build and deliver user-centric solutions and concepts.