Being a Shoe Designer

I did my third year internship in a french shoe company, Eram Group, being integrated in the Buggy design team, one of the group’s brands. 

Eram is the leader in shoe marketing and production in France, by developing around 10 brands and selling shoes in more than 1500 shops in France and abroad.

I worked with shoes stylists, from which I learnt some important technical aspects, but also in association with a technical pole and manufacturers. I had the opportunity to work on prototypes and to participate in the development of the shoes.


My work was divided into three phases : immersing myself in trends, working on existing models and producing my own line.

That is how I drew and followed the production of four prototypes. My 4 concepts followed the guidelines that have implemented by Buggy at this time : rock, youth and fashion, and based on the recent emergence of high heels with a sport spirit as one of the major trend.

These pairs have been included in the Winter 2013 collection.

This internship helped me to mature an taught me to work in a big company. Eram company is one of the biggest shoe companies in Europe, so working with them was a real opportunity. I could use my creativity and my imagination to develop products for a brand an further my experience as a designer.



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