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The Worshop

This project was completed over a one week workshop in partnership with the Decathlon brand NewFeel. Thanks to the support of Guillaume Salmo (shoes designer for  NewFeel), Alexandre Guillon (shoes designer for  NewFeel) and Julie Pfligersdorffer (freelance product designer) we had the opportunity to design two innovative products.

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The Aim of the Project

Our goal was to create two products : a pair of shoes and a bag, as a collection. Both of the products needed to be quickly transformable to conform to the different stages of the day in terms of weather. Due to this requirement, the shoes and the bag have the ability to handle a sunny weather just as well as rainy weather.

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The bag is a roll top one, and contain a kind of a second skin. This skin is very flexible and waterproof. It also uses a rubber sole. The shoes can be used during summer, you just roll the strip around your ankle. Then, if the rain comes, you use the strip to cover the exposed area on top of the shoes.

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Use the two different skins to transform your bag according to the forecast.

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Play with the strip to customize your shoes. Have a strong pair of shoes supporting your ankles or a waterproof pair if it is raining.

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Our 6 designer team working during the one week workshop. We take the appropriate time to sketch, to do some quick and dirty mock-ups, to cut some existing pairs or to prototype in a way to obtain this result. Such a good experience of a team project, especially in term of exchanges and involvement.

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