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Flow is a bathroom pillow developed over a 4 month Long Project at school in partnership with Kohler Asia. We worked in groups of 3 students, including two Graphic Designers (Camille Dechartre and Anh-Thu Tran) and a Product Designer (myself). The brief was to think of the bathroom of the future, for modern China. The water issue is something very important in China, that’s the reason why we decided to focus on it.

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Flow makes people more conscious of their water consumption, while having a great time in their bathroom.

We have decided to emphasize the relatability of this product by creating a range linked to different rivers in the world. It highlights the value of the product through the story of these famous rivers. The identities of the products are adapted to their visual atmosphere.

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Save with pleasure

This concept allow people to save water by thinking about their wellbeing and their pleasure. The goal is to save water, but still enjoy the moments in the bathroom.

A minimalist design, inspired by Feng Shui shapes. Feng Shui in the bathoom dictates minimalism – something simple, intuitive and elegant.

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Water Place

One of our goals was to bring an element, water, to the forefront of people’s lives. As people use vegetal walls to emphasize earth and vegetation, we want make the water visible.

This object is displayed in the middle of a room. Instead of a fire place, it becomes the Water place. It links all the water sources of the house, as the bathroom, the kitchen, the washing machine…

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Water Game

Today, the Chinese consumers are attracted to all kind of technical devices. During focus groups, users expressed that they want more technology inside the bathroom.

The idea was to create a new relation between people and water, a new playful interaction. As a new presence in their life.

We wanted to create a full universe of animations during shower time. They can enjoy the moment with visual games.

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This first concept, called « Save with pleasure » is inspired by the emergence of smart objects trying to improve the everyday life of people. We wanted to create a new product, a new presence. Our product takes place in the bath and lowers the level of water, firstly a way to save water, exactly as if you add a ice cube in a glass of water. Secondly you can also save the water by keeping it. Our product will suck up the water and then you’ll be able to reuse it.

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Water Place is designed to bring back the water as an important element in your home. Our product could be placed in every room, the idea is to materialize the water presence in people’s lives. We wanted something with a strong impact, thanks to this new visibility and this daily omni-presence.

The level of water is fictitious but on a kind of interactive screen you can check your own water consumption. All the interface is tactile. As you see your daily consumption, you take care of it.

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Water game will be an interactive glass surface taking place in your shower and which could also deliver information.

There won’t be any more controllers, all the actions will be done through the interface. You are free to play with different animations. Users can choose the one that they want in order to create a dynamic during their shower, always with a symbolic message about their water consumption.

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Save Water and Comfort

We believe that in the future, the Gracious Living will be oriented in the water saving process due to actual water wastes. Added to this stake, we wanted to preserve the comfort and the pleasure of a bathroom moment.

The bathroom is and will be a room where people have to be careful. Be careful of their consumption, be aware of the environment impact. But also be careful of their own bodies.

This concept, called Flow, allows people to save water by thinking to their wellbeing and their pleasure. The goal is to save water, but still enjoy the moments in the bathroom.

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A modern Chinese Product

The bowl and the bucket that Chinese people often use to wash themselves is the starting point of this concept. How this water tank, the bucket that you can see in many Chinese bathrooms could become synonymous with water conservation and pleasure ?

Flow allows people to save water by considering their wellbeing and their pleasure. The goal is to save water, but still enjoy the moments in the bathroom.

We wanted to create a product to improve the everyday life of the population, fitting to their lifestyles. That is also why the product is inspired by the Feng Shui shapes : simple, intuitive and elegant.

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How it works !?

Place Flow in your bath. Flow will lower the level of water used in the bath, a way to save water. It could be used as a comfortable pillow, thanks to its soft materials. You save water while enjoying the bath moment.

When your bath is finished, Flow allows you to collect the used water. It will suck up and purifies the bath water, in a way to re-use it to wash clothes or water the plants for example.

The product could be placed in your bathroom and will become a new object of your bathroom daily life.

Approximatively, a normal bath uses around 115 litres of water. With our product, you will save 20% of your water consumption.

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Concept 1 

Concept 2

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