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Loki is a personal project made by two friends and bike lovers, to improve the security of urban riders.

Loki is a personal answer to a biker’s daily problem. 

We noticed that most of the bikers do not wear helmets, mainly because of the aesthetic, but also because people do not know what to do with the helmet before and after a ride.

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However, we noticed that bike lovers are ready to put a lot of money into a crazy lock to keep their precious bike safe.

That is why we have developed « Loki », a helmet combining classic head protection and a bike lock. Thanks to a clever product, we want both of the user and the bike safe.

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1. Work on a personal project 

In my view, it is always important, to bring personal emotions into a project. What if the project is an entire personal challenge ?! I like to think that a designer has to improve people’s everyday life, and, for me, it begins by working on every day stakes, riding safely for example !

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2. Create an aesthetic Helmet

When I was a child there was a constant war between me and mother when it came to going for a ride.  » Take your helmet ! « . Having a helmet was not cool, was ugly and was inconvenient. Today I am more mature and the question of being cool no longer interests me, but there remains certain disadvantages with regard to wearing a helmet.

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3. Make your bike safe

I spend a long time saving money to buy this perfect frame or this perfect handlebar. My bike is really important to me, especially because I am riding every single day. Of course I want to be safe, but I want to take care of my bike too.

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Because a helmet is a wearable product, we wanted to create something aesthetic and, of course, safe. That is why Loki is a mix between a fashion hat and a strong helmet. The different materials, such as the leather, have been chosen to create a strong and modern identity. Then, a light is also present on the back, to make you visible during a night ride.

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Be safe while you are riding. Loki is a mix between a fashion and modern hat and a strong helmet. Don’t be afraid of facing the streets anymore. 

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Your bike can be safe too. Don’t be annoyed by your helmet after a ride anymore. You can use Loki as a lock and block your bike’s wheel thanks to the internal mechanism.

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