Roughs and Sketches are a part of my daily life, obviously as a Designer, but also as an observer. I can not imagine a day without holding a pencil and sketching something in my notebooks. Drawings are, for me, a source of reflection, imagination and creation.

1. Record something

I am used to always having a notebook and some pens with me to be able to draw or record something in any situation. Ideas are coming from my daily inspiration and what I see, sketching is a good way to jot down a few thoughts.

2. Develop an idea

Roughing out is also  a way for me to rebound from one idea to another one, a way to make a concept evolve organically. I like to look for the perfect shape and make ideations through drawings.

3. Communicate

A good sketch is also a way to  graphically express an idea. By the color or the style, a drawing is a good way to claim a point of view and a personal approach.

I always try to develop a personal and communicative style, whether for a simple research or a final presentation.

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