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Tur’n’soul has been realized in a one week workshop, by a multidisciplinary team, combining skills in Product and Interaction Design. The main aim of this workshop was to work with Arduino technology and with the famous toy brand Meccano. Then, each teams had to pick a theme, for us : the plant. Working in a multi-disciplinary team on an intense workshop was an exciting challenge. Here is the result, Tur’n’soul, a smart flower pot.

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Tour’N’soul detects your presence thanks to different captors. The pot will be open and the flower will live with you if you are in the same room. On the other hand, if there is no presence in the room, the pot will be closed.

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Our team comprised of two Product Design students and two Interaction Design students, resulting in a simple, elegant and ludic product.

This flower pot allows the plant to live according to the movements and sounds of a room.

We wanted to allow the plant to interact with people and literally live with them. A plant is a living thing. Why not try to make it more alive ?!

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Tur’n’soul will completely live with your presence and through your daily activities. If there are some movements in a room, if you are moving near the flower pot for example, the pot will open. If there are no movements, Tur’n’soul will close.

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The mock-up has been realized in wood and completed with the Arduino technology, to make the different parts movable. Then, the cogs and other internal mechanisms have been made by Méccano, another partner company of this workshop.

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