Yaang design


Internship / 5 Months / Shanghai

During my third year at school, finishing the bachelor’s degree in Nantes, I decided to travel and to finish my master’s degree abroad.

My school offered me the opportunity to choose between different programs. Among those different programs, I chose Inter-culturality in China.

The opportunity for me was to discover a human-centered design, a new culture and of course, to be more open-minded.

The program includes school and internships. That is how I have started to work at Yaang Life, during my first months in Shanghai.

Yaang Life / Kieferzapften Design is a product design company based in Shanghai, designing furniture and tableware mainly for the two Yaang’s shops.

I had an integrated 15 people team, comprised solely of Chinese people, and it has been a great experience to discover how to work in a company abroad, especially in China.

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